Teapot Outreach

Eugene has always felt concern for the homeless citizens in today’s society and holds respect and compassion for the ones who treat passerbys with kindness. To four selected homeless Native American individuals, he is presenting to them each one of his handmade teapots. Gene looks forward to the journey these teapots take with each of his “brothers”.

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“My making process went very smooth and finished my eight teapots in expected time. I’m proud to be able to give homeless people a handmade gift, something they aren’t used to at all. I am looking forward to seeing their expression when I give them one of my teapots.”


Q: What is your project about?
A: My sister came over for the weekend. And it was on a Sunday so we decided to do this. Before we loaded these up I had some certain people I wanted to give them too and this old lady took off running from me. She got scared so I went to my sister and said, “Maybe you should do this.” My plan was to care about the people on the streets and I try to walk every day and if I have a few pennies or something I give them to them. These people I’ve known them for a while, they are very appreciated of anything. This guy here, I’ve known him for a while, and he likes to sit downtown at Worden’s. He was going to go home to put coffee in there.

Q: What did your sister think of the project?
A: She really liked it. She thought it was great. When we first went out there and that old lady took off running, she just busted out laughing and I felt bad for her because an old Indian was coming at her, “Hey! Hey!” You know. We had fun. We took our time and we walked around. They were pretty happy, I wish I had more.

Q: Would you like to do this again in the future?
Sure, anything to help anybody