Mugs For Thought

Mugs for thought is a project to give mugs to the Food for Thought resturant and get people to take notice of their daily routines along with a set of nice looking mugs to drink coffee from.


Q: What was your main idea?

A: mugs for a restaurant called Food for Thought right off campus from Jesse Hall and its somewhere i’ve gone a lot since I was a freshmen. I realized a lot of people would just go in their for coffee and stay in for 20 seconds than leave. So I wanted to make mugs that would stop people from getting in and getting out. I wanted to them to spend time and appreciate their daily routines more

Q: What was your challenges ?

A: When I started this project I only had one hand because of my other broken hand. So 2/3rd of the cups I threw broke.

Q: How did food for thought receive them?

A: Very well, they were happy for free mugs

Q: Did you get a free meal?

A: Yeah I did.

Q: Was there any concern about size since you buy by the OZ?

A: No, They told me none of their cups are the same so different sizes wouldn’t matter

Q: Would you do the same next time?

A: No..I mean yes, I would throw on a bat again but make more cups uniform. I just kept the best ones this time because of my hand. Next time I would make more and just keep all the same ones.